Not a Youth Cult


Kill - act of useless squander. Rape - a woman's life destroyed. Slash - bodies turned to gore. Smash - skulls are blown to bits. The smallest words are of the greatest consequence, we rationalize what simply makes no sense. Shoot - blood comes gushing out. Loot - happy homes destroyed. Torch - buildings down in flames. Scorch - nothing left but waste. We turn every gruesome action into some vague abstraction, but actions sometimes speak too loud for words. So we try to shortcircuit our brains, by the hollow phrases we coin. Warfare - crime against humanity. Incest - fucking (!) child abuse. Strangle - take away breath, until death - greatest mystery of all (Lyrics: Roelsel; Music: Jansel/Rat Patrol)



Dear Mr. President, here's a letter from the factories. Since the end of Nam we've been making less frofit. Help us Mr. President, please, please, please. What do we have to do, get down on our knees? And now you're friends even with the Soviets, we're drowning in our losses, we can't sell. We've heard recently there's some trouble in the Gulf. Why not make this thing a strong military issue. Send down our guns, send down our machines. So what if soldiers die, you and we don't care. Our factories are stockpiles, we must get rid of them. Please, place your orders, so we can produce again. Ban public opinion, Hussein's a perfect scapegoat. Help us make money, there's enough in it for you (Lyrics: Roelsel; Music: Pjotr/Rat Patrol)



Hello world, I open my eyes, I'm glad to have arrived... The first few years are of joy and mother takes good care. I didn't see my daddy much, guess that is just normal. Hello world, here I am for you, are you still glad to have me around. I feel some doubt, but I'm so small. Burning butts in my underarm, slamming me in my face, drinking piss, eating shit, my daddy's hurting me. I can clearly feel his rage, feel frightened, feel so strange, cut by glass, kicked to sleep, tied to bed. Am I alive or am I ... A THING? When I was three and my diapers were gone I was sitting on daddy's lap. I didn't know better than this must be love, it was all I ever had. My uncle Bob and my uncle Brad, they accept, my mother just stays dumb. I didn't know better than this must be love, it is all my small world. Goodbye world, now I close my eyes, it's been a short while. Goodbye, cruel world, I will leave you now (Lyrics: Henry; Music: Pjotr/Rat Patrol)


TVC (Crack Your Local Scene):

Back stabbing - pill grabbing. Fucking up - no brains at all. No time to think - beat you up. Dope floats round - dope takes control. I overheard you saying that I suck (behind my back!). Creeping up behind me, sticking a knife in my back (deep inside!). What the fuck you're doing, judging people by the way they look (not like you!). You never understood anyway... You never understood some things work both ways. Never thought these things concerned even you. When someone walks through that door, you got your comment ready. "You're too old, you're not a punk, get out of here, don't come back!". If you're so smart and know it so well, why you're still so down the drain, don't bother me. With the pills you take, spend your last dime on, still beg for more. Money makes everyone your friend for a quarter, you kiss ass trembling, waiting for your next welfare cheque. You seem to forget some truths work both ways, never judge people by the way they look, 'cause if you can, Mister, you're a better man than I. You suck, you're a cunt (Lyrics: Henry; Music: Jansel/Rat Patrol)



In the various parts of this bold planet lives the enormous tribe of Tom and Janet, content with mediocrity in their consumer's paradise. Brains buzzing with microwaves, egotism fills their eyes. Religion a mere palliative to keep the mind at ease, something to fall back upon when you get weak at the knees. Escapism, hatred, war and all the rest, let's turn this whole damn thing around. Put Tom and Janet to the test, let's form a tribe of what they call 'Punks, skins and mods and freaks' and try to find together what we all seek. Money the key to everything, to buy each and every lie. There's no way to avoid the filth no matter how hard you try. Hoping that their latest fad is the one that really saves, even though the previous ones all turned out to be lies. Forget all those petty disagreements, it's unity that we need. In order to find the sphere where the wings of freedom beat (Lyrics: Mario; Music: Pjotr/Rat Patrol)



Come on and join in, we are gonna save you. Do you need help, never mind we'll live your life for you. We're selling shit at every street corner, and we'll give you everything for free. For the first time, not the second time. We want you to use and forget. Come on and join in, we are gonna save you. Do you need a hand, we'll I've got two greedy ones here. We're selling trips all around the world, and we'll give you everything for free. I don't see the need, I don't think I want to die. I don't even want to try, not for you anyway. Come on and join in, we are gonna save you. Do you need a friend, we'll feed you crack and give you shit. Did you ever notice that love is all around us. The sights are really breathtaking and they're for free. For the first time, not the second time, forget the next times. We want you to use and forget (Lyrics: Henry; Music: Henry/Rat Patrol)



You may try to lable me, but I'll surprise you again and again. I'll creep out from under it, turn to the left and maybe to the right, because I'm - I'm not moved - I'm not moved by your movement. I'm not moved by your straight edge, don't need your looks make man's attitude. Thought we settled that fifteen years ago. You just cannot capture me, 'cause I think for myself, you see. Pick up something here or there, and maybe also from you (Lyrics: Henry (cut to pieces by Roelsel); Music: Pjotr/Rat Patrol)



I don't want to see your face. I don't want to smell your smell. I don't want to hear your talk, I don't want you in my life. You, you thought you could control me, well, you're wrong you see. You will never reign me, no, not you over me... I don't want to see your grin. I don't want to hear your lies. I don't want to eat your fuck, I don't want you around no more. You thought you could govern me, well, that's your mistake. You will never rule me, so go away, fuck off and die! (Lyrics: Henry; Music: Jansel/Rat Patrol)



They wanted to have some fun, so they threw a fragmentation bomb. Down on the football ground, right in front of the goalkeeper. The man lost an eye in the bargain, but what the fuck. Not enough mutilation, the scars could have been much deeper. They told him that they hated his face, so they smashed it in, but when they got to his friend the joke had worn thin. Then the biggest asshole flipped open his knife, and within a second took away a man's life. I don't feel no pain, I'm the one who causes it. What do I care about suffering, me and my friends get off on it. I wanna see my censored face on the television screen. I'm by far the biggest bastard you have never really seen. Beating up, stabbing, killing, it's their sense of humour. Vicious violence growing, like a big malignant tumour. Fucking up the innocent is their way of living. To these mindless hyperthugs our lives ain't worth a thing (Lyrics: Roelsel; Music: Pjotr/Jansel/Rat Patrol)



It's parental advice from your folks, old and wise. We'll keep you dumb and keep you numb, the whole world is a puritan dump. You assholes, stupid ignorant bitches, wWhat do you know about all this, you think you own the goddamned truth? We tell you not to listen, we tell you not to see. Rather have you watching violence on TV. Rambo videos will keep you in line, you all-American boy of mine. Go to college, get married. Is there anymore to tell me, is there anymore to see. We tell you not to listen we tell you not to see. Doesn't that remind you of Nazi-Germany? Just hope you read the Bible, so your life will be good and stable. It's parental advice, just a political device. Without the PMRC at a loss we would be. Now we don't discuss heavy issues with you, jJust sit back and relax... Ban 2-live-crew, sue Jello, lable Prince and boycott Madonna (Lyrics: Henry; Music: Henry/Rat Patrol)


NRA (National Rifles Association of America):

George Herbert Walker Bush: President, Father, Son, Gun collector, life-long member of the NRA... Throughout my many years in office, I've had the opportunity to associate with the kind of people whose words and deeds and force of will have helped shape the world we live in. The man with a gun has a significant advantage oOver the man with a charming turn of phrase. There's a time to talk and a time to shoot, that's what freedom is all about. Most of the individuals, especially the forceful ones, own and enjoy fire-arms, these are dangerous times. Everybody's heard about the quality of life, but what about the quality of death. Shooting an enemy can save years of hardship, it's the American way. The right to bear arms and shoot troublemakers is protected under the Bill of Rights and that's the way I like it. I'd rather have blood on my hands than a charming word on my lips. To create a kinder gentler America you have got to get tough. That's why I'm a member of the NRA, it's good for me. And it's good for the people and it's good for votes. I AM the NRA! (Lyrics: Jansel; Music: Jansel/Rat Patrol)



We are all manipulated by the media. We get their news shoved down our throats through papers, TV, stereo. An independant press, once the conscience of our nation, has sold its credibility to five or six big corporations. Uniroyal, Michelin are sponsoring our forecasters. They can do so openly, but who pays our news broadcasters? Is it Philips, Shell or Akzo, or maybe IBM. Our warning to the media, it's high time you got rid of them. Our media cost money, nothing is for free. So some big corporations decide what you and I will see (Lyrics: Roelsel; Music: Pjotr/Rat Patrol)



Many Dutch priests take a vow of celibacy, but some of them swear to plain hypocrisy. Like this really nice Father with his huge libido, who had his cock sucked by a kid, five years old. Bless me Father, for I live in sin. That's alright, Son, come and join in. We bid you welcome to our circle, you must hate to be a jerk all by yourself. Father Asshole's everywhere, especially in the States, where many of the priests suddenly run into AIDS. The whole Catholic world's in panic, there's a lot of confusion. Do all these holy men die of bad bloodtransfusions? Priesthood turns out to be a world of broken promises. Dog-collars are no guarantee for heavenly bliss. Animals in garments make the world open its eyes. The Roman Catholic Empire gets destroyed by its own lies (Lyrics: Roelsel; Music: Roelsel/Rat Patrol)



Turning points in our lives, don't know what to do. We all get our chances, matters we can't see through. Finding goals in our lives, something which is rarely done. Options, we take 'em or leave 'em, before we know it our chances are gone. Everybody has the right to decide, yet finally there's always rules to abide. Sleazy little streetbum, executive yup, we're all locked up. In pursuit of happiness we lose our principles. What it all boils down to is that we're all disciples of our petty values, no-one wants to hurt himself. We're all so self-centred, we turn this place into living hell. We all claim to be strong, but we know we're lying. There are many moments that we feel like dying. Once we make up our minds we are proven wrong. Once we make up our minds we are proven so goddamned wrong (Lyrics: Roelsel; Music: Jansel/Rat Patrol)



Mr. Mediocrity, you've got a better job than me. But that won't set you free, can't be who you wanna be. Think you got success in life, got two kids and got a wife. In your job you will go far, but it ain't the place you wish you were. Day after day, your job doesn't pay. It ain't worth a fuck, AIN'T THAT JUST YOUR STUPID LUCK! (Lyrics: Roelsel; Pjotr/Rat Patrol)



Always criticizing others, 'bout their qualities you bother. Don't you have something better to say, instead of "I don't like your way". I wanna kill you, don't like the things you do. You also got your bad features, we're all just human creatures. Why don't you stop spreading this dischord, talking shit makes me bored (Lyrics: Jules; Music: Michel/MBP)



This is the end, this is the end, the end my girl, the end of everything. This is the end, this is the end, the end of our fucking relation, the end of everything. This is the end, this is the end, the end of my time with you, the end of everything. The time we've been together seems to be too long. I hoped it would last forever, I just can't realize it's gone. You have to tell me why we didn't make it, I don't understand what's gone wrong. Maybe you think that I don't care, well make sure honey I'm not that strong. This is the end, this is the end, the end of my life. Nothing makes sense to me anymore (Lyrics: Jansel; Music: Jansel/Deluxe Green)