Rat Patrol

hardcore punk from the netherlands since 1988

Rat Patrol

Rat Patrol - Punk/hardcore from Groningen, Hoogezand and Enschede, The Netherlands, since 1988


We WILL however play at Simplon, Groningen, on Friday January 20th, 2017, with the UK Subs and TV Smith! Yeah, for ol' time sake! http://simplon.nl/events/uk-subs

New: A video from 1991: https://youtu.be/3dbMgwlTU5k?t=20m27s

Thanks Smoutpot!!! We had great fun... at

the Chaos Generation Festival:


Check out this great 3 camera video shoot (3 songs) from our 25th Birthday Party december 2013:

NEWS: Rat Patrol now finally on bandcamp - Al CDs are now downloadable.


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Contact: henry.mailto:henry.rat@gmail.com