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Rat Patrol exists in the same line-up from 1988. Roelsel left for 4 months in 2023, but decided to return (and even did a gig inbetween already). The band is named after a song by Naked Raygun. It's the first band for Pjotr (guitar). The other Rat's played in a number of bands before. You can check out the history here. Jansel (bass & voice) and Roelsel (voice) played with Deluxe Green (punkrock 1978 - 1989); Henry (drums & voice) played drums with De Verkouden Olifant (1982, punk), M.B.P. (hardcore, 1985 - 1988) and Kotton Krown (guitarpop, 1989 - 1992), and was singer for Chronicore (punk, 1991-1993) and Larry Speaks (hardcore, 1994-95). He also played drums for Over The Moon (guitarpop), from 1996 thru 1998.In 2017 Henry also joined old punkrockers Two Two 79 as drummer.

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