Unreleased and Compilation Album Tracks

DYNAMITE AUDIENCE (deleted, post Painkiller):

Give yourselves a big round of applause 'Cause you're the best audience I've ever seen Your compassion's brought tears to my eyes Reminds me of the past and what might have been Keep your lighters ready For some rock star's fake emotion Since you're such a dynamite audience Why not create a big explosion? What the hell has happened to integrity I guess there's something wrong with me Looks that way when I'm watching TV To see Metallica play a fucking sym phoney 'Do they know it's Christmas Time at all?' Of course they don't, you hypocrite fucks If you really want to do mankind a favour Make a real impression and shut the fuck up! (Words: Roelsel, Music: Jansel/Rat Patrol)



Many angry parties try to win their wars, adolescents dying with no idea what for. And still the battle goes on and on, all these battles that can't be won. The masses seem to think it's great to get dressed up in uniforms. These placebos for their mother's wombs create a false of belonging. Lifelong friend turn into foes over things that happened long ago while the dictators put on their show. Such a false sense of belonging. Unfold your maps and draw some lines, call them your borders and trespassing a crime. Resulting is total isolation, helpless people dying for their great nation. Bosnia-Hercegovina, Azerbeidjan and Armenia, Georgia to South Africa, symbols of a violent era. Tangled up in civil wars, not thinking of civil rights, ignorance and prejudice both are used to stir up fights. Making sure they stay in line. This status quo it feels so fine. Start negotiations, break 'em off again. Promise people peace but never mention when. The masses try hard to obey, act on what their leaders say. Hanging on their blind faith, in this stupid sense of belonging. Race, religion, place of birth, these things seem to prove their worth. To hire ones limbs to the slaughter with a false sense of belonging. It's all a false sense of belonging. (Lyrics: Henry/Roelsel; Music: Jansel/Rat Patrol)


URANIUM 235 (pre-Rat Patrol LP):

No more steps to be heard. The last echo has died away. Fat man smiles while little boy fries. This is war. It's gone too far (Lyrics: Henry; Music: Rat Patrol)


HIT AND RUN (part 1) (pre-Rat Patrol LP):

Late one night his dog got run over by a car. The driver had had a few too many. I'll bet the man didn't even notice and that he went to bed with a clear conscience. Drunken drivers they are so cool, they think they've got full control over their tool. And I think, in a way they're right too, 'cause it's others who suffer and never you. In the morning these maniacs wake up with a headache, oh what a terrible hangover they have. Their victims will never have one, they won't even wake up. A rotting corpse is all that is left, together with a mourning family. How many victims per year? I don't even know. But remember that every victim is one too many. Innocent pets, men, women and children die because of these lunatics who just have to get drunk (Lyrics: Roelsel; Music: Rat patrol)


HIT AND RUN (part 2)(pre-Rat Patrol LP):

Hey you, you are so cool. You think you've got absolute control. Your girlfriend's sipping from her last cocktail, you laugh and see the blushes on her cheeks and your hard-on makes you wanna go home. You're pushing the pedal to the floor, you think you've got absolute control. 20 beers and you're better than the rest, 20 years and you're better than the rest (Lyrics: Henry; Music: Rat Patrol)


JANE (pre-Rat Patrol LP):

A few hours past sunset, Jane checks the doorlocks again. Every night she goes to bed, she still feels this itching pain. It'll be two years soon that she got her new home here. She was unsuspicious then, and open windows gve fresh air. Now she locks herself in at night, and at day she's locked in fright. She stays behind the closed door, and she never dances no more. When she lies in her drapes, she dreams away (oh sweat dreams).. It's her only escape, and Jane is young again. Sge dances and whirles around, with sparkling eyes and very proud. She is going for gold and Bob is hers to have and to hold. But now she's locked in at night, and at day she's locked in fright. She stays behind a closed door, she never dances no more. At day as she walks the streets, she thinks of the future when she will be old and grey, and even more helpless. She reads the papers you know, and watches tv, a lot of tv. 'Cause you can do that at home, and she knows, oh she knows... Boyfriend Bob went away, said she'd turned crazy. Even schoolmate Sue didn't stay, said Jane was overreacting. Jane wakes up and starts to cry, this is her life right now. She would love to dance again, leave behind this awful pain. (Lyrics: Henry; Music: Rat Patrol)