Deluxe Green

Johnsel - Drums, Onsel - Guitar, Roelsel - Vocals, Jansel - Bass


Hoogezand punk rock 1978 -1989.

Their only release: the 30 minute-cassette demo "Act Your Age" 1988.

Now available: 80 minute discography CD!!







you're sitting in the other room ruling your own temple of doom. you order me this, you order me that but seeing you blunder makes me sad. you're incapable of doing your work, the problem is that you can't see it. the way you act, the way you talk everybody can see that you don't fit. you manage things you don't understand. you manage things you can't explain. you'd rather hide your head in the sand, 'cause ignorance gives you extra strain your company is sinking deeper down but you don't seem to notice. drowning in your own private bliss, a queen who's lost her plastic crown (Jansel).



O, wat hebbm' wie 'n feest had vannacht. O, wat hebbm' wie 'n plezair had vannacht. wie benn' weer noar 'n feest tou west, wat hebbm' zie doar aalmoal zegt, doar wait ik hailemoal niks van, mor ain ding wait ik zeker: wie kreegn' het byr nait in 'n beker, wie kreegn' het byr zo veur de mond, de heule baudel ging over de grond. vretery hebbm' wie ook nog had, dat schoot wel eem' in't verkeerde keelgat. de wilde wiem'dai waarn' d'r ook, en dai aine dai zo lekker rook, dai hebbm' wie nog eem' greepm'. byhyhyr byrbyrbyr (Johnsel/Jansel).



a demonstration on the 1st of May. two black boys for hours and hours on their way. singing songs against Apartheid, singing songs about equal rights. cops and army stand in line, fingers on the triggers, helmets shine. one false move and the guns go off. two boys fall down, couldn't hide fast enough. their funeral becomes a secret-police raid, arrests and photographs are being made. friends are busted and put in a cell, white cops laugh as they're going through hell. frightened to death in a deadly game. interrogated and tortured 'til they give a name. harmless kids fighting for their own rights, beaten up, electroshocked 'cause they're not white (Jansel).



see them in the back of the room, sitting in the dark with that salient gloom. dark circles underneath their eyes, another shot, another part dies. no future and no life, the bodies cut by a sharpened knife. to quit just no possibility, rather OD than a cold turkey. a glazy look and a frail body, exhausted by the terrible pain, they don't care just don't need anybody. they've got to get it again and again. eaten inside their bodies must pay, like cancer it rots your intestines away. the shit is expensive but it has to be paid, by being a whore or doing a shop-raid. dependant on dealers, arrested by cops, got no life, just waiting for the bomb to be dropped. in a public toilet, glossy look on the needle and spoon, another shot to ease the pain hoping it will end soon (Jansel).



Deddo is a liar. Deddo never tells the truth. Deddo is a liar. Deddo's with his slimy friends. Deddo is a liar. Deddo was our guitar player. Deddo is a liar. Deddo is a disco. Deddo is a liar. Deddo doesn't want us. Deddo wants a future. Deddo is a liar. Deddo is a fucking klere-liar (Entreks (pre DLG)).



It's Saturday night and you're not there, the whole day has been rotten. I tell myself this evening will be fun, but I don't convince myself. I sit in the corner with self-pity, telling myself how weak I am. I get my first beer and I think of you, but that just makes everything worse... How can I enjoy myself, I might as well get drunk. Beer makes me forget all my troubles and I just want to have some fun. It's Saturday night and I'm sitting here, I think I've had enough. The beer didn't have the right effect, everything got worse. I say to myself 'should I go home or stay just a little longer', I feel much up to suicide, I'm just so goddamn drunk... How could I enjoy myself, I did get drunk. The booze didn't have the right effect and I feel fucking terrible. It's Saturday night and I'm lying here, vomiting in the gutter. Just thinking by myself, what have I done, what have I done. I feel so sick and I'm asking myself 'what is the reason for this', why did I fucking do it, why did I fucking do it, I didn't want it. I want to go home but I can't walk, I'm just so goddamned drunk... What have I done ... (Jansel)



This is the end, this is the end, the end my girl, the end of everything. This is the end, this is the end, the end of our fucking relation, the end of everything. This is the end, this is the end, the end of my time with you, the end of everything. The time we've been together seems to be too long. I hoped it would last forever, I just can't realize it's gone. You have to tell me why we didn't make it, I don't understand what's gone wrong. Maybe you think that I don't care, well make sure honey I'm not that strong. This is the end, this is the end, the end of my life. Nothing makes sense to me anymore (Jansel)



when I was a little kid my daddy used to beat me up a bit. when he got drunk he just got mad he kicked me in the face I was bleeding bad. my mother screwed about every man in town, I watched her roll in the sand. my brother he's a killer and he's in jail, and now they wonder why I fail. I grew up in a violent way, I used to steal about every day. fight at school ignore their rules, I couldn't learn I was a fool. the D.O.C. I don't wanna be in the D.O.C. had no friends they all hated me, the violent brat that they made me. so I just got worse in a criminal way; lie, cheat and steal I got busted one day. and now I'm sitting behind bars, for stealing and joyriding in some car. they try to change me in their way so that I'll behave and will learn to pray. but I can never be like that for I grew up a criminal brat. they can't understand my way of life; I'll always stay bad, I'll beat up my wife (Jansel).



don't command me I hate that. you're sitting there just getting fat. I won't do it do it yourself. and if you want ask some help. don't command me. I'm getting sick of all your shit. don't command me. if you yell it I won't do it at all (Onsel).



zal ik je eens wat vertellen van een dikke hond, die zag Johnny z'n schoenen en stak ze in z'n mond. hadden we niet geroepen: "rothond! Laat ze staan!", dan was hij met Johnny z'n schoenen er van door gegaan (Pa Plenter).



electric toothbrush, electric can-opener, T.V. and video with remote control. sitting in front of the telly, your feet on the table. big ass big belly big neck big face. I don't need your rubbish, I can do it with my hands. throw away your money, I don't think you understand. can't you see you're wasting your money, you just make your dealers rich. all your is thrown away, and you will never make it pay (Onsel).

All songs written, stolen and performed by Deluxe Green 1980-1988. Artwork by Jansel.