Russians rattling on the border, China is the new world order. Jihad terrorism against the West. No stability in the East, Russian aggression, fake news beast, the world has become a ring of fire. No certainty - No unity - Do we need a strategy? Crumbling EU unity, lack of territorial integrity, a fundamental threat to stability. Cyberattacks and manipulation, tribute to world domination, damaging mutual trust. No certainty - No unity - Do we need a strategy? Weapon industry modernisation, chemical warfare escalation, international instability. USA ridicules climate change, ecosystems re-arrange, causing new trends in migration policy. No certainty - No unity - Do we need a strategy? (Jansel)


We fell asleep in one world and woke up in another; Disney out of magic, NYC a closed border, Paris no longer romantic, Mecca completely empty. China has become a facemask frenzy. Hugs and kisses become weapons, not visiting parents an act of love. Power and money are worthless, iIt’s only oxygen you’re fighting for. Mother Earth put us all in cages, sending us a clear message: The air, earth, water and sky without you are fine. You are really not necessary.

You are my guests, I am your Master (Jansel)


I see the waves move and watch them reach the shore, my mind fucks me, what could I want more. I see the girl I love and I watch my kid, I watch them move and I’m thinking shit. I really focused, happy with a whole new start, so why do things in my head keep falling apart? Why not count my blessings instead of focusing on what I have not? Why can’t I be completely happy with what I’ve really got? I keep slipping - slipping away. I should consider myself to be in luck, so why do I have a longing for self-destruct? Why can’t I be happy with everything I have today, why do I still have an urge that drags me away? I keep slipping - slipping away (Jansel)


Dear President Donald, let us know what we must do. Everything has been shifting, our state’s a mess without a clue. Dear ally, your ass is toast, gonna hit you with whatever hurts most. Dear President Putin, you will know just what to do, trustworthy fellow traitor, a few more rebels to subdue. Dear ally, your ass is toast. Gonna hit you with whatever hurts most. Dear people of Kurdistan, thanks a lot for fighting so brave, and now I’ll leave you to the Turks, to send you back into your caves. Dear ally, your ass is toast. Gonna hit you with whatever hurts most. Dear rest of the world, how come we’re not surprised? Leave the underdogs hanging, it’s great to keep us colonized (Roelsel)


I pour my heart out till I have nothing left, in an all-night drugged-up blab fest. It feels important meaningful and good, flying on M I’m in a talkative mood. Soul baring moments I’m really full of shit, dog chasing tail, this drug fuelled friendship seems to mean something but is never anything real. Brain cooking in a chaotic energetic feel. The day after, feel like a clown. Ain’t no getting high without the comedown (Jansel)


Lack of perspective – leads to resistance, parts of humanity – doubt their existence. A flatscreen is flat – lose one dimension. We lose real contact – never mind our intentions. You cannot meet people, you cannot touch people, you cannot smell people. Connected by ‘socials’ – but we’re all fucking lonely. No outdoor activity – but Zoom meetings only. Using WhatsApp or Skype – simply is no replacement. We might just give up – hang ourselves in our basements. You cannot meet people, you cannot touch people, you cannot smell people. You cannot meet people, neither family or friends. You cannot touch people, any real contact ends. You cannot smell people, ‘cause their breath is unhealthy. You cannot feel people, all that’s left are their selfies. Blaming Covid-19 – ultimate escapism, mankind exposed – ever growing racism. Without real contact – nobody is listening. Whether angry or sad – our eyes won’t stop glistening. You cannot meet people, you cannot touch people, you cannot smell people (Roelsel)


No, I’m not okay actually. I’m fed up, sick of all this shit, people just wining all day long bring me down to the bottom of the pit. I feel so dark, nothing comes close to me. Sometimes I just wanna say just shut the fuck up you wining bitch, your lack of spirit and so-called empathy really make my fingers itch. I feel so dark, and nothing comes close to me. I hate your hanky-panky nonsense and all your so-called bleeding hearts, and all you people who say “it’s okay to cry” just because you got dealt the wrong cards. I feel so fucking dark, and nothing comes close to me (Jansel)


Sixteen years old, what fun we had, a life without problems, just acting mad. All day long being the beast in school, just hanging around, just acting cool. And every night I met my friends, playing records of our favourite bands. A couple of sixpacks and off we went to a party or to the pubs on the weekend. Drinking beer and chasing girls, we felt like we could win the entire world. When our parents went out, we played with the band. We were so cool, we had it all in hand. Fight at school and with mum and dad, being bored and being bad. Sixteen years old, pissed and proud, but we didn’t know what life was all about.

58 years old and look at us now, not getting better, just going down. Drinking scotch and watching TV, is this the we, we wanted to be? There are no wild parties anymore, is this what we’ve all been fighting for? No way out, doing the best we can. Oh god, how I wish I were sixteen again. (Jansel for Deluxe Green, 1986, slightly altered by Roelsel for Rat Patrol 2022)