Larry Speaks

Mark - Guitar, Pascal - Drums, Henry - Vocals, René - Bass
Picture taken at the Funny Farm Festival, July 13, 1994, Groningen


  1. Kraneweg 35a, Groningen, sat. May 28, 1994 (100 bands in 100 huiskamers Festival, /w Y- Phobia); Larry Speaks at that time was called Fugue)
    See whole show on video

  2. Funny Farm Festival, Groningen, sat. June 30, 1994 (/w Rat Patrol, and many more)

  3. Out Town, Leutingewolde, sat. Aug 20, 1994 (Tattoo Festival)
    Hear whole show on audio

  4. Simplon Bovenbar, Groningen, fri. May 19, 1995
    See whole show on video

Larry Speaks did not last long.... Pascal and René continued to play together. René later played in The Last Mile, Pascal had numerous bands, as singer and guitarist as well. He is now in Brito. Mark did the samples in Skinlärm, was briefly in Over The Moon (with Henry), and still makes electronic music with Dream Time. Henry is still in Rat Patrol.

There is a CD available with the 13 songs that were recorded at concerts, FREE DOWNLOAD FROM BANDCAMP (PS The Chronicore Bonus Tracks are now on Chronicore's bandcamp site, separately):



Do you know how close we really are, how near we really stand, to that final call, the end of it all. Suspended by the thinnest of threats, a few steps only from the edge. I saw a man die today in my very street, he just lay there, a victim of city harms. He just lay there, meaningless, a decoration, a morbid attraction for the shallow needs of the urban kind. Lyrics: Pascal


I...want to know. I...don't get why. You... you came to hurt me. You... you want to kill! Not so long ago there were many of us, to protect our language, maintain our habits, our ways of working together, our fountains of youth seen all around... We founded some schools of thought, travelled around the world... we had some fun in between, just small things you wouldn't understand anyway... I was baptised at sea, I breathe, I think, like you. I got no legs but you can't call me a cripple. I'm bigger than you still I wouldn't hurt you, but now my tears are turning the oceans salt... Don't let me down... never, never, never! I didn't do no harm... nothing, nothing, nothing! Please, Monica protect me... help me, help me, help me! If only I was human not a whale... save me, save me, save me! Lyrics: Henry


Wait for the dawn to come, a peaceful harvest or the warring agony of today. Will they have gone or will more soon join. The tools that have killed what was once alive and what made us alive, will they have gone? Will they have left us alone? Is it too much to ask that beauty and life be what they were? Colonized! Is it too much to ask that they feel, that they feel? Colonized! Still wait for the next day's sun, will the suffering and pain still torment our souls, and our ways, and our beliefs. Lyrics: Pascal


The trail of tears, still stained with blood time hasn't washed away (nor will it ever). The sad memory of one man's will over another's. Miles and miles of human suffering, paved with limbs, red bloods red. Lyrics: Pascal/Henry


Shut up! Heroes come and go, don't be a fuck. You served our purpose nice and well, you murdered, slaughtered, never fell, sold our message efficiently; a real great job, but now... Shut up! Your words sound rather strange to us, beware we trained you, paid you for your soul. Your existence lies with us, we have full control. Shut up, or we might just take you out. You yelled it out, but could it be that you forgot ... Lyrics: Pascal


Once in your life, once in all those years, you gotta beat the clock (No Time No Rules) End the rat race (No Time No Rules) Break out be free (No Time No Rules) Freedom of choice (No Time No Rules). The most harmful invention ticks away your daily life. More drops of sweat in the oceans of affluence, more drops of sweat in the oceans of affluence. What's a minute really worth it wasn't meant to be at heart. Talking 'bout seconds today making a schedule whole day round. The daily manual strapped around your wrist; as time ticks by it changes into a gallow... Hanged by the wrist till death steps in, what's the fucking hurry, enough is enough! Lyrics: Henry


See this gun, looking so cool, shining in the sun. I am the one, machismo supremo, caretaker of you all. Unsatisfied with rules and regulations, democratic compromises. We've got our own, very special way of dealing with you... Selective City Killers, cleansing the streets. Selective City Killers, taking you out, Selective City Killers. Selective City Killers, tumour of the law, Selective City Killers. Selective City Killers, another kid shot to shit... You seen it all round your own neighbourhood, those blacks are breeding, SPOIL YOUR DAY! You must have noticed the kiddie beggar, to weak to work, WE'LL SEND HIM OFF! We will help you to survive, we don't mind, we get OFF-ON-IT! Your only worry is who's gonna brush your shoes now they're all dead. Lyrics: Henry


It took me 10 years or more to discover my own identity. Now I know I know for sure. Stepping out of line finding your own goal, convinced of all your possibilities. You tried to build a fence around me, you thought I couldn't swim. Gotta break out, discover real life. Gotta break out, not hampered by your rules. Discover real life, I'm out of control, I'm in control of myself this time. Lyrics: Henry


Dark and gray surrounding me, this is war not heaven, it was never meant to be. Oh no don't explain don't explain to me, don't explain why why why why why why WHY... WHY! Why I must suffer. WHY! Why I must bleed. WHY! Why there is no peace. WHY! Why do I bleed for your needs? There must be something more, there must be something more to see... Is it my oil is it my religion, is it my threath to your way of life? Is it the bodies of our women, is it the thrill you get out of that? Is it our wood is it our cheap labour, is it the gold of our soils? Oh why is it I know that you will die by your own bullet pretty soon?! Lyrics: Henry


Tired of the lies that both sides conceive. Suppression, distortion, what can you believe. If all can be right then I cannot see, if theirs is the truth then which one is mine? My thoughts are repressed because they are my own, and my mind is numbed by their facts. What am I to do, when to each side that I turn, the stories told now, will soon be meaningless words, manipulative lies and still their facts. Lyrics: Pascal


Fast transactions big money leased car wireless phone black corvette blond model blue cheese and red wine. Cocaine plastic head plastic smile plastic brains, young urban professionals, young urban... You know everything there is to know about women cars and stereo. There must be a tiny button you can't reach, insight into the real world would just be too much. The real world that you can't control from safe inside your empty hull... Yuppie! It's a mess inside, all of y'r fucking life a lack of mirrors keeps you ignorant. Still all you ever meet is mirror images of you, yet no reflection lightens up your view... Yuppie! Lyrics: Henry


Distorted views of you bring back bad memories. How I lived my life until this very day. Broken down, built up again... Fairytale. Photographs. Brown. Hazy. Clouds. Forgoing struggle to survive, picked up out of life, taken to your scene, no idea no clue to be. Cold sweat. Warm heart. Distorted views. Lyrics: Henry


When the fearless stand shaken and the blind have seen. When their impenetrable souls have been touched by the truth of things. The greed, the hate, the most heinous of faiths. The burning, the raping. The killing, the taking. Brokers of death, pushing and peddling. Wars and starvation, for theirs is not the blood. When the fearless stand shaken and the blind have seen, until such a time comes... My struggle, for life. Lyrics: Pascal


I am the God you dreamt of and feared as a child. Your quest has come to an end. Now that your faith has become real and your sins turn on to you. You can't but kneel. You can't but crawl. For prayers can no longer rinse clean the hate you spread, the blood you shed, and the life you wasted. Lyrics: Pascal


... and when they seeked comfort, I did not hold their hand. And despite all their tears, I never saw but my own... I turned to behold the remainder of me. Now, merely, illusive, so empty, for there between the waste, the shit, the scum, lay my hope, my dream, unreal, disfigured, sick and putrid. Awaiting death... And as shadows descended from above, like vultures, leaching onto its flesh, dragging it to the deepest, the foulest of holes... I... I but watched, dreamless, hopeless. Lyrics: pascal


Long before you and I walked this land he stood there with his bare hands. Shouting his cause to all who would listen. Never backing, not even to the rage of God, for he believed but in himslef. And when those that would not listen came to take him away, and tortured him for his beliefs, he ran, crippled, and of broken hands, and he shouted even louder, for his voice could not take. Such was his strength and such was his life. And now, when times have changed, but not really, on this land he still stands, old and worn, but still shouting, still fighting... And if one should be brave enough as to come loose and listen, one can not help but notice the vigour in his heart, the passion in his words, the tear in his eye... Lyrics: Pascal


This song's for you. You are all here to have some fun. This song goes out to all not here, who're hooked and addicted to MTV. Going to the club right after the show, prepared for an all-night swing - not for the bands - but for images played by a DJ. To all who'd rather dance to Greenday, the Offspring, please get off your ass. This song's dedicated to you because you're not an asset to our local scene, your passivity helps to kill it all. Better get an amp and get on the stage, 'cause that's what it is all about. Crwoded swing and empty concert hall, dance to records not to bands. No confrontation, just laid back saturation. Shame on you. Dance to records, not to bands. Crowded swing and empty concert halls, dance to records not to bands. Going to the club right after the show, prepared for an all night swing. Dance to records not to bands. Lyrics: Henry