Rat Patrol

hardcore punk from the netherlands since 1988

Rat Patrol


In April 2017, Henry joined the old punk band Two Two 79.

They are from Groningen and had their first life from 1979-1982; the three original members then reunited in 2006 (now living in Groningen, Wageningen and Bremen). As they never had a permanent drummer anyway, they made some new recordings using a drum computer -which is rather convenient if you live far apart. But from 2013 they decided to get into the rehearsal space with a real drummer and they started playing live again. When their drummer left in 2017, Henry joined.

You can see the full story here http://twotwo79.cmshost.nl/History.php.
On this page we will just list the gigs/releases that Henry did with them.


40th Anniversary 2xCD (Henry playing on most tracks)
On Bandcamp: Disc 1 and Disc 2.



POSTPONED until September, Fire Cave, Zetten-Andelst (with support)


11. 4 Sep 2021, Punkion 6 Festival, Zollkantine, Bremen(/w Rubenschneider, Elsen, Degenerate Idol and Razors) video (2 songs) /   video comp (all 5 bands at the festival)

10. 5 oktober 2019, Vreemde Streken, Wageningen (/w No ID) video (2 songs and a bit)

9. 27 Juli 2019: Vogelpop, Ansen   video (2 songs)        video (30 secs in vlog)

8. 22 juli 2019: Lola, Groningen (with D.I.) video (1 song)        video (2 songs)

7. 5 juli 2019: De Ondergrondse @ Jack's Music Bar, Zwolle (with Rat Patrol) video (4 songs)

6. 24 Mei 2019: Brigant, Arnhem (with Rat Patrol & Black Burned Blimp)  Video (3 songs)       Video (part 1)  Video (part 2)

5. Sat 11 May 2019, Schuurfeest, Wagenborgen Video (5 songs)

4. Sat 30 maart 2019: Innocent, Hengelo (with Rat Patrol, Bateren) Video (4 songs)

3. Sat Jun 23, 2018, Bambara, Groningen (/w Rat Patrol, Antisocial Rejects) Video 4 songs  Video another 4 songs

2. Friday Feb 16, 2018: Iduna, Drachten (with Varukers and UK Subs)! Video (5 songs)

1. Sat 11th Nov 2017, Vreemde Streken, Wageningen Video (3 songs)